I have been using Abbie for 4 years now with help for the Folk in a Field Festival. Her expertise and contacts across the industry opened many doors which helped the event grow quickly and healthily. She basically held my hand through the minefield of marketing and legal necessities including licences, PPL & PRS, EMPs, NMPs, PSAG, advertising platforms and schedules, creating target audcances as well as the minefield of Health and Safety.


She is always only ever an email or phone call away. I went from a complete novice, guessing my way through the events industry to a now respected event which has won awards for best festival in Norfolk 2018 by the East Anglian Festival Network.


Her proven track record in marketing, PR and event management made her an obvious choice an have never looked back. It pays to have someone who knows the industry inside out, despite what you think you know. 


She is now also involved in other events I am organising in Norfolk.

Luke Horncastle, Founder, Folk in a Field Festival