Fairy Fair Booking T&C's

1. Entrance to the Fairy Fair or The Real Halloween is by ticket only, subject to prices and age restrictions specified at www.fairylandtrust.org

2. With the exception of booking changes complying with the requirements specified in ‘Ticket Information’ at www.fairylandtrust.org, tickets are only refundable up to seven days before the event. After this, refunds are only in exceptional circumstances will be considered.   Please write to  info@fairylandtrust.org The Fairyland Trust Charity, c/o 12 Jolly Sailor Yard, Wells next the Sea, Norfolk, NR23 1LA.


If the event has to be cancelled due to reasons beyond the control of the Fairyland Trust, such as extreme weather, tickets will not be refunded. 


 If our event is rescheduled or postponed, your existing tickets will be made void and reissued for the new date. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date, a refund will be issued. 

3. There is no public or visitor camping on site. Visitors agree to leave promptly at the end of the event, at the time specified in information at fairylandtrust.org

4. Prior written permission is needed from Fairyland Trust to use Fairy Fair or The Real Halloween tickets in any sales promotions, media, marketing, reward programmes, staff incentives, raffles, auctions or general competitions.

5. Visitors to the event may not distribute leaflets, fliers or other information or sell any goods or services without prior written permission of the Fairyland Trust

6. In the event of a cancellation and/or evacuation of the event due to extreme weather or other emergency, visitors agree to follow the instructions of Fairyland Trust crew on site.

7. No fires or use of own cooking equipment are allowed on site. The only fires permitted on site are those in control of the Fairyland Trust crew.

8. Parents or carers remain responsible for the safety of their children at all times and understand that there are no crèche facilities of any kind, including Workshops, on site.

9. One parent or carer must accompany each child or group of children for whom they have bought places, in each Workshop or activity, if the child is 3 – 6 years of age or requires help. Children over 6 may be left in a Workshop without the parent or carer but the Fairyland Trust cannot be responsible for stopping them leaving the Workshop or activity at any time. Parents and carers agree not to book Workshop places for children under 3 years of age.

10 Commercial photography including video, and /or sound-recording, is not permitted on site except with the prior written permission of the Fairyland Trust.

11. The Fairyland Trust logo and any Fairy Fair or The Real Halloween artwork cannot be used without written permission of the Fairyland Trust.

12. The stories and content of Workshops and other Fairyland Trust activities are the copyright of the Fairyland Trust and purchasers and users of tickets agree not to copy, reproduce or perform any of this material.

13  With the exception of registered Guide Dogs, no dogs or other pet animals are permitted on site at any time, including in the Car Park(s).

14. By visiting the event, persons agree to their likeness being used in video or photographs by the Fairyland Trust in its educational, promotional or fundraising materials

15. A reasonable amount of alcohol may be brought onto the site by persons aged 18 or over for their own consumption but neither this nor other food or drink not purchased on on-site may be consumed in the Fairyland Trust café(s) or in The Good Elf pub.

16. Any person who is in the opinion of the Fairyland Trust acting in any way dangerously, abusively or who is incapacitated through use of drink or drugs must comply with a request to leave the event. Illegal drugs or ‘natural highs’ are not permitted.

17. All visitors agree to take away with them any packaging or other materials which could otherwise become rubbish, except nappies which must be deposited in the receptacle at the Baby Change. There are no general ‘rubbish’ facilities on site.

18. Visitors agree to use the recycling facilities provided on site for disposal of unwanted plastic bottles, cans, paper cups, plates etc. arising from use of catering facilities. Own recyclables may also be deposited here.


19. Parents and carers agree to consider in advance the needs of any particularly sensitive children and take account of the role-play and in-character acting of walkabout and other performers at the event (eg Trolls, Pirates) in deciding whether or not to bring such children.

20. Visitors agree to comply with advertised times.

21. First Aid cover is provided for the event but parents and carers remain responsible for ensuring that any special medical needs are met for themselves and anyone else in their party, including epipens, medicines and asthma inhalers.

22. On-site catering is vegetarian,  but people with special dietary requirements should bring their own food.

23. All visitors are responsible for making their own way to the event and for arriving in good time, including for any bookings for timed workshops.

25. The main event site is easily accessible by wheelchair and ‘Disabled Parking’ and accessible toilets are available on site. The more remote parts of the site are not easily accessible by wheelchair. Workshop tents are too small to accommodate more than one wheelchair in addition to the other people booked. Parents and carers agree to contact the Fairyland Trust (sarah@fairylandtrust.org) if they wish to bring a wheelchair into a Workshop tent for themselves or a child, at least one week before the event.  Please contact the Fairyland Trust if they are in any doubt about the ability of children to take part in any workshop or activity for any reason and agree to inform the Workshop crew of any relevant special needs a child may have, before the Workshop begins, and be prepared to help the child themselves if that is needed.

25 Purchase or use of a ticket for the above event(s) constitutes agreement to the above Terms and Conditions