Here we try to answer some of your questions - Please also take a look at T&Cs. if there is something we’ve missed, do send us an email 

Q: How much is it? 

Tier one Early Bird are £8.50 per person or a family pass which admits four is £32. Tickets at the gate are £10 so by buying in advance you will save money. . Under 3’s go free but please book a ticket for them. 

Q: How do I book workshops?

A: If you have not booked on line, on the day any remaining spaces will be sold  for on site. You do not need to book for drop in activities.

Q: Is there much to do if all the bookable workshop places are sold?

A: Yes! heaps of things, in fact a lot more than many other events charging a comparable entrance fee. We have drop-ins which do not need to be booked, some of which are free, along with live music, free storytelling, walkabouts, Pirate Panto, visit the Fairy King or Queen, games, Musical Toadstools, Pixie Post and much more.

Q: Isn’t it just for girls?

A: not at all.  Things like Wizard Training are included with boys in mind but many boys equally like other Workshops and activities, while girls can be found doing the ‘boy things’ like Wizard Training. We’ve found this boy/girl idea is more in the minds of parents than children.

Q: Will there be Trolls about ?

A: Depends on if Bernard and Brenda wake up from hibernation in time! 

Q: Are there special dietary caterers?

A: There will be vegan and vegetarian caterers only on site

Q: Can I book a ticket over the phone or by post ?

A: we're very sorry but you can’t.  You can only book here and it is an online-only system.

Q: I booked but no ticket has arrived in the post. 

A: that’s because we don't post them - they are emailed to the address you gave us online.  Please check your inbox and spam folder.  If it’s not there email , click here and then on the link that says ‘I’ve lost my tickets’

Q: When should we arrive ? 

A: If you plan to take part in an early workshop we advise an hour before so you can get parked and onto site.  Otherwise, take a look at the programme when it’s online (we will alert you) and decide when is best for you!

Q: Can I add to my booking ?

A: Yes, provided places are still available. Contact if you need assistance.

Q: Can I change the day I am coming?  

A: Yes, if there are places still available, up until a week before the event but you will be charged a £1.50 administration fee.  After this date you can make a second booking but your first booking is not refundable.

Q: Can I cancel?  Is my ticket refundable?

A: yes, up to a week before the event. After that it is non-refundable.

Q: What about if the event is cancelled?

A: In the unusual occurrence where our event is cancelled a refund will be issued automatically. If our event is rescheduled or postponed, your existing tickets will be made void and reissued for the new date. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date, a refund will be issued. 

Q: Can I get in with my electronic ticket on my phone or do I need to print it out? 

A: Yes you can. You don’t need to print it out. Just be sure to bring your phone/ device with you, plus some back up ID in case of difficulties.

Q: Can I pay at the gate?  

A: possibly but also risky as we usually sell out.

Q: Can we buy workshop places on the day?

A: Workshops can be booked via this page, any remaining will be sold on the day. Please bring cash if you would like to do this. These will be sold first come first at the gate.

Q: I note you have sold out and I forgot to buy tickets, can I still come?

A: Sorry, we have a strict limit to how many visitors we can have, for safety/licensing reasons and because otherwise things start to run out and that would spoil the event for everyone.

Q: I am a grandparent /I have a grandparent I’m thinking about bringing. Is this a good idea? 

A: yes.  Probably! As well as accompanying their grand-child into a workshop or activity, they can also enjoy storytelling, live music, a beer in the Pub and shopping..or Maypole dancing


Q: What about my teenager? 

A: likewise, but harder to call. Please try not to leave young children with teens who'd rather not act as parents: that's the main cause of "lost children".

Q: Is there a baby change? 

A: yes, near First Aid/loos.

Q: Is there First Aid?

A: Yes, near the Baby Change/loos.

Q: We’ve come in but have to pop out to do something. Can we get back in again?  

A: Yes, ask at the gate, they have a magic way of dealing with this.

Q: Might we get photographed?

A: Possibly! We have a photographer on site who has a crew wristband and those photographs may be used in our publicity material. We do not allow visitors into workshops to take photographs while they are in session. Please do not use flash in the workshops even when taking pictures of your own children.   However, there are many visitors like yourselves taking pictures around the site. No commercial photographers are allowed except press, who are accompanied by crew. If you think there is any sort of problem, please tell a member of the crew.

Q: Are all the crew dressed as fairies ?  

A: no that’s some of the visitors. The crew all have purple ribbons. However, we encourage anyone attending to dress up

Q: Is The Good Elf PubLicensed ? 

A: Yes and it sells award winning local ale and cider (to grown-ups only!)

Q: Is there wi-fi on site?

A: I’m afraid not!

Q: Where is the cash point ?

A: this is Fairyland, the nearest human ‘ATM’ is in Swaffham. If a rainbow appears, go for it but any Fairy Gold you come across may not work once you leave the site. 

Update – please ask at the gate if you are desperate for cash as we should be able to offer cashback, there is a £1 cost for this for the technology wizardry


Q: Do you take VISA on site ?

A: Some of the stallholders may accept VISA. We are trialling a card payment system on site BUT we advise you to bring cash as the phone signal can be patchy!

Q: Is there a telly ? Can I watch the match?

A: no but you can take part in the Actual Reality Arcade

Q: Is there a phone charging point ?

A: no there isn’t. In a genuine emergency go to the Information tent and ask for help.

Q: Am I and my family likely to get wet, cold and muddy ?  

 A: yes if it rains and is cold, unless you dress appropriately.

Q: Can we camp ?

A: not on site but there are many B+Bs, Hotels and campsites in the area. See Where to stay (Only event crew can camp on site).

Q: Can I attend as a stall-holder ?

A: Please contact

Q: I have a press enquiry

A: Please email

Q: What can I not bring to site

A: It goes without saying, but we will say it anyway: No illegal substances, weapons, animals of any kind or glass 

Q: My dog is exceptionally well behaved – can I bring it ?   

A: No, not unless it is a registered Guide Dog. Not even if it’s a dog genius that reads maps.

Q: What about my pet gerbils/ anaconda/ homing pigeons/ cat/ catfish/ rabbit/ donkey/ Eagle Owl ?

A: Sorry no. And please don’t leave them locked in your car in the car park either.

Q: I am an OAP, can I get a discount?

A: Sorry, no. Some of our crew are OAPs – you can volunteer if you like.

Q: Can i get a Carers ticket

A: Full time Carers qualify for one free ticket on receipt of documentation. Please email for your discount code. 


Q: Is this a children’s event ?

A: yes it’s primarily aimed at families with 3 – 8 year olds. It is not a Larping event, a re-enactment, a pagan get together or a full-on adult fairy event.

Q: Some of these FAQs are ridiculous, are you trying to be funny or something ?

A: These are all real questions we’ve been asked over the years! (except about the homing pigeons but we did have someone who brought in hamsters). We've also had "I forgot I was getting married - can I have a refund?" (no) and "I forgot I was pregnant" ... but that was one of the crew.

Finally: Children are the responsibility of their guardian/parent at ALL times.

If you've read this far - or only this bit - please do come and join us at The Real Halloween we hope you have a great time. All money raised at the event goes to The Fairyland Trust to raise much needed funds for the trust’s work, helping children and families around the country to engage in nature’. 

If you still have an enquiry, please do send us an email